When I heard what they set out to achieve today, I thought they must be mad. When I saw the slope, I was sure of it.

Mt Baw Baw is the second steepest mountain ascent in the world, and today 12 cyclists in the Wine Peloton set out to reach the alpine resort at the top. They dubbed it their Glory Day, the second and toughest ascent in their Wine Peloton 7 Peaks in 7 Days ride to raise awareness of teen alcohol abuse and generate funds for Teen Rescue Foundation.

The 96km round trip saw the cyclists ascend some 1,300m in elevation, the majority of which was in the last gruelling 8km of incline. Gradients of up to 20% saw some cyclists zig-zagging their way to the top.

The descent proved much less intense, though there was no chance to relax, with brakes smoking up and wet roads proving slippery.

The 7 Peaks Challenge to reach the alpine resorts at the top of Victoria's steepest inclines is on the bucket list of many keen cyclists, though few attempt all seven of the toughest slopes in the country in one week.

I was in awe of the stamina and determination of the 12 riders in achieving their goal today. I was even more impressed that they would turn a passion and a hobby into something that makes a lasting impact.

On the same week as they are tackling the challenges of steep incline endurance cycling, hundreds of thousands of school leavers are tackling the challenges of schoolies weeks around the country.

All 12 riders and their support crew play different roles in the wine industry, and after descending from the mountain today, they expressed to me that they feel a sense of responsibility for the wine industry to be visibly proactive in addressing teen alcohol abuse and its consequences in Australia. Wine Peloton 7 Peaks in 7 Days is certainly making a resounding statement this week.

It's remarkable what can be achieved while doing something you love.







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