We'd all love to see teen alcohol abuse addressed in Australia, but sometimes it's hard to know what you can do to really make a difference. I'd like to invite you to support an initiative that is making a very real difference for our young people.

Three years ago I established Teen Rescue Foundation to resource the best programs in Australia that put volunteers on the ground to support teens and tackle alcohol abuse on the front line in schoolies weeks, university parties, festivals and sports events.

With the generous support of the wine industry, over the past three years we have been privileged to raise more than $76,000 toward this crucial cause.

This work is making a real and tangible difference. For the first time in decades, we are seeing a change for the better in teen alcohol culture.

Last year Red Frogs, one of our key beneficiaries, reported that they saw a turn in culture in which schoolies weren't drinking so much alcohol. The result was a 20% decline in the number of call outs they received for alcohol concerns. They said it was one of the healthiest schoolies they've seen in twenty years.

We are eager to continue to help to drive this trend, but this year our key fundraising initiative has not been able to go ahead. We are inviting donations to support this important cause.

All donations are fully tax deductible. Payments can be made by VISA Card, Mastercard, American Express, Direct Debit or Cheque.

To make a donation, click the 'Donate' link above.

Thanks for supporting our young people. Together, we can continue to change the alcohol culture in Australia for the better.

Tyson Stelzer.