Teen Rescue Foundation is a charitable institution to actively discourage and reduce harmful alcohol use and its consequences among under-age teens.

The Foundation provides financial support for Australian organisations which offer front-line initiative in situations in which teens consume alcohol, and those which provide education for teens and their families in the dangers of teen alcohol consumption.

We know these kids. Their stories have stirred us to action.

Alice, 15

A typical Friday night on the Gold Coast. The parties happen here every week, in
private homes and in public parks. The invitations are public, too. And there's too much
drinking. The police usually turn up and send everyone home. But tonight is different
for Alice. She vomits. Passes out. They pump her stomach at the hospital, and she’s
okay the next day. Back at school on Monday, she tells her friends it was all a lot of fun.

Sam, 11

It was just an innocent sleepover with a mate from school. Or so
Sam's mum thought when she dropped him off. But no sooner
had she left than he made his way down the street to a big party
in a park, with a bottle of rum in his backpack. Eleven years old.

Sarah, 17

It’s Friday night at schoolies week. Sarah’s friends say she’s always a nice person, but
she's a party girl and sometimes goes too far. She hit the alcohol and drugs hard that night.
Thank God they called the ambulance before her heart stopped. Resuscitated and
stomach pumped, she was straight back on the alcohol and drugs the very next night.

David, 17

Another Friday night at schoolies week. Another seventeen-year-old on alcohol and
drugs. Another heart stopped. This time, no ambulance. Every week in Australia,
one teenager between the ages of 14 and 17 dies as a result of alcohol abuse.

True stories.

These are the stories that have stirred us to establish Teen Rescue
Foundation. Stories that are replayed across Australia every week
of every year. Our young people need our help. Desperately. Teen
Rescue Foundation is here to save them from alcohol abuse.
Together, there is much that we can do. We need your help.

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The Teen Rescue Foundation Board of Directors

Tyson Stelzer
Tyson StelzerFounder and Director of Teen Rescue Foundation
Tyson Stelzer is a multi-award winning wine writer, television presenter and international speaker.
Read more about Tyson...
Sarah Dixon
Sarah DixonDeputy Chair of Teen Rescue Foundation
Sarah Dixon is the Executive Director - Strategic Communication and Engagement and Acting Executive Director, Governance, Risk and Commercial Services at Gold Coast Health.
Read more about Sarah...
Rebecca Murray
Rebecca MurraySecretary of Teen Rescue Foundation
Rebecca Murray is Director and Principal Lawyer at RTI Consultants Pty Ltd.
Read more about Rebecca...
Karen Rohde
Karen RohdeTreasurer of Teen Rescue Foundation
Karen Rohde is a teacher at Concordia Lutheran College.
Read more about Karen...

Teen Rescue Foundation Patrons

Teen Rescue Foundation patrons are committed to promoting the cause of the Foundation and to setting an example of responsible alcohol use.

Stephen & Prue Henschke, Henschke Wines, Eden Valley, South Australia

Jeffrey Grosset, Grosset Wines, Clare Valley, South Australia

Chris Hatcher, Wolf Blass Wines, Barossa Valley, South Australia

Kym Teusner, Teusner Wines, Barossa Valley, South Australia

Peter Leske, La Linea, Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Sue Bell, Bellwether, Coonawarra, South Australia

Vanya Cullen, Cullen Wines, Margaret River, Western Australia

Larry Cherubino, Cherubino Wines, Perth, Western Australia

Drew Tuckwell, Printhie, Orange, New South Wales

Andrew Caillard MW, Woolworths, Sydney, New South Wales

Colin Campbell, Campbells, Rutherglen, Victoria

George & Ruth Mihaly, Paradigm Hill, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Angie Bradbury, Dig + Fish, Melbourne, Victoria

Peter Scudamore-Smith MW, Brisbane, Queensland

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Changing culture from the inside out

|Comments Off on Changing culture from the inside out

A group of students knocked on my staff room door early one Monday morning, back when I was a Gold Coast high school teacher 18 years ago. They were deeply concerned for one of their peers who passed out from intoxication at a party on Saturday night. They asked for [...]

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The changing face of teen alcohol

|Comments Off on The changing face of teen alcohol

Initiatives to address teen alcohol abuse are making a real
and tangible impact for young Australians.

Australian teenagers are drinking less alcohol now than they
have at any time since surveying began in the early 1980s.

The number of 12-17-year-olds who reported never drinking
alcohol increased to more than one third (34%) in 2017, up [...]

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The changing drinking culture of schoolies

|Comments Off on The changing drinking culture of schoolies

“The schoolies culture has changed quite significantly and
it’s a lot easier to manage than ten years ago.”

That’s Red Frogs CEO Andy Gourley, or Boss Frog as he’s more
affectionately known, on the change in schoolies behaviour over recent years.

When it comes to looking after our school leavers as they
transition from Grade [...]

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Teen Rescue Foundation Annual Appeal 2019

|Comments Off on Teen Rescue Foundation Annual Appeal 2019

Teen Rescue Foundation is proud to launch its annual appeal 2019 and invites tax-deductible donations toward front-line initiatives that make a real difference in addressing teen alcohol abuse across Australia.

In 2018, Teen Rescue Foundation was honoured to be acknowledged as Supporter of the Year by one of our key beneficiaries, [...]

A Parents Guide to Teen Alcohol and Parties
Download an electronic copy

A Parents' Guide to Teen Alcohol & Parties

A Parents' Guide to Teen Alcohol and Parties is a free resource for Australian school families, written by Tyson Stelzer with the support of Australian wineries committed to making a positive difference for young Australians. The initiative was awarded Special Commendation for Responsible Drinking Message in The Drinks Business Awards 2012 in London.

The full-colour A5 booklet leads parents through 8 pages of strategies for:

• Modelling good drinking behaviour
• Communicating with their teenager
• Starting the discussion young
• Negotiating the boundaries
• How to host a safe party
• Hosting over-18 parties
• Attending a party

Order free copies for your school, family or community group

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