Teen Rescue Foundation invites applications from eligible charities seeking financial assistance.

Eligible charities must fulfil ALL THREE of the following criteria. Unfortunately, if you cannot answer yes to all three, our constitution does not permit us to provide your charity with financial assistance.

  1. My charity is registered as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) by the Australian Taxation Office. If you are uncertain of whether your charity is a DGR, you can look it up here.
  2. My charity is an Australian organisation and the activities for which I am seeking funding are carried out within Australia.
  3. My charity provides front-line initiative in situations in which teens do or could consume alcohol, with an objective to actively discourage and reduce harmful alcohol use and its consequences among teens; OR provides education for teens and their families relating to the dangers of teen alcohol consumption; OR provides training, support and services related to front-line initiatives in addressing teen alcohol consumption in Australia.

If you can answer yes to ALL THREE of these criteria, you may be eligible for support from Teen Rescue Foundation. Please contact us to tell us about your activities and make an application for funding.

Beneficiaries of Teen Rescue Foundation will be assessed by the Board against the objectives for which the Foundation is established. Please refer to our Constitution for full detail. The Board reserves the sole right to accept or reject the application of any potential beneficiary.