The inspiration for Teen Rescue Foundation

It was usually on Monday morning that the stories would come. Confidential stories. Deeply unsettling stories. Stories confided in me because their friends were desperately worried.

Worried about the 15 year old who drank so much at a public party in a park on Friday night that she vomited, passed out, landed in hospital with her [...]

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Wine Peloton Update

A group of wine community cyclists will attempt Victoria’s 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge in early December 2014 to raise funds to address the harmful use of alcohol among Australian teens.

Victoria’s 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge is considered the toughest non-competitive cycling challenge in Australia. The team will ride nearly 600km in seven consecutive days, [...]

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Wine Peloton to support Teen Rescue Foundation

On Sunday, 12 cyclists will embark upon the toughest seven day non-competitive cycling challenge in Australia to support Teen Rescue Foundation. Drew Tuckwell has spent the past three-and-a-half years establishing the Wine Peloton 7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge. This is his story.

As a 46 year old, I have had a pretty good life. Better than [...]

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Last night we went to schoolies week on the Gold Coast

The Teen Rescue Foundation Board went to schoolies week on the Gold Coast last night.

We wanted to see just what goes on and what a difference it makes to have 750 volunteers on the ground to support young schoolies, under the “Red Frogs” organisation.

"It's a major night! A major night!" one intoxicated teenager informed us [...]

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The Teen Rescue Foundation story

Every week in Australia, one teenager aged between 14 and 17 dies as a result of alcohol abuse. Rates of drinking at harmful levels among 12 to 17 year olds have doubled in the past two decades. One in twenty 12 to 15 year olds engages in regular binge drinking, one in four 16 to [...]

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